Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro

Create hyperlapse videos of your first-person clips, shortening and speeding them up to make them more exciting and easy to share.

  • Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro
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Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro Description

Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro can completely transform first-person videos into exciting hyperlapse clips, enabling you to capture important moments to remember and share with others. With its help, you can easily create short time lapse videos with no compromise on quality.

Step-by-step video processing

Time lapse videos require you to hold the camera still since otherwise terrible results might be obtained. Relying on advanced stabilization technology, Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro allows you to speed up videos in just a few simple steps, with smooth transitions, even for clips captured in motion.

Thanks to the wizard-like interface, working with Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro requires no prior instructions or video processing knowledge. From importing a video to saving the output, it only takes a few click to get the job done.

The wizard starts by prompting you to select the video (MP4, MOV, and WMV are the supported formats) to process. The clip is immediately loaded in the preview area. To shorten it, you just have to choose the start and end times using drag-and-drop actions.

Customize speed, frame rate and resolution

Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro enables you to select the camera and shooting mode, supporting action cams such as GoPro and Sony HDR models. This option is rather important since the application can optimize the output if it has information regarding the used camera.

A slide bar is used for adjusting the speed up factor, while the resolution and the frame rate can be selected from drop-down lists.

There are two alternatives for processing: standard or advanced smoothing. The first option focuses on speed and is suitable for almost any video, whereas the latter is designed for 3D smoothing of videos with forward motion. Choosing the second might take longer to process, but the results might be better.

Generate impressive hyperlapse clips

Creating time lapses usually requires expensive equipment, but Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro provides an alternative that is definitely worth a try. It creates short clips with smooth motion and cinematic look, enhancing the viewer’s experience.

Whether you want to log your ski trip down the mountain or capture a beautiful sunrise, Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro enables you to time lapse your adventures. The only limit is your creativity.

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