Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer

Easily manage blobs, blob containers, tables and queues and other types of Azure Storage data with the help of this Microsoft-vetted application.

  • Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer
  • Version :¬†0.8.14 Build 20170622.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Microsoft

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Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer Description

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based platform specially designed to provide a secure and unified environment for building, deploying and managing apps or services. Azure Storage is a Microsoft-vetted platform that encompasses storage services for blobs, tables, queues and files.

This said, Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer is a useful piece of software designed to make it as easy as possible for you to visualize, manage and edit data from your Windows Azure Storage.

Very easy to get started with

The utility undergoes a surprise-free installation process, subsequent to which you are required to connect to your Azure Storage using your Microsoft official credentials.

Alternatively, you can also connect using custom endpoints and SAS URI keys. This is a good time to point out that you may be prompted to configure your Azure Storage subscriptions.

Simplistic and efficient GUI

Finding your way around this app is hardly difficult since almost every functionality is right on display. In a nutshell, the app’s main window provides you with quick access to blobs, tables and queues and all their contents via a three-type structure.

Evidently, you can swiftly create, delete and even search for all blob containers, queues and tables. Going into even more detail, you can search for blobs by prefix and upload file by simply dragging and dropping them.

Allows you to extensively deal with blobs, tables and queues

When it comes to editing tables, the app enables you to view and query entities with ODATA and even quickly insert queries via the dedicated¬† ‘Add Query’ button. Additionally, you can also visualize the most recent 32 queue messages.

Furthermore, the application allows you to generate Shared Access Signatures keys for blobs, blob containers, tables and queues, and also edit their Store Access Policies.

Inspect and manage Azure Storage data with the help of this useful app

Last but not least, you should also know that the app does not only come with support for Windows but for Linux and Mac OS X as well.

To conclude, Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer is a practical app that provides a streamlined environment for managing your Azure Storage data and cloud-hosted projects.

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