MicroSIP Lite

Initiate VoIP calls via open SIP protocols with your friends with this intuitive application that allows TLS/SRTP encryption for increased security.

  • MicroSIP Lite
  • Version : 3.15.4 / 3.15.5 Beta
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :MicroSIP

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MicroSIP Lite Description

MicroSIP Lite is a lightweight softphone designed to help users communicate over the Internet. The application allows users to customize the ringing device and sound.

Requires a good Internet connection

Anyone with a good Internet connection will find this application useful, as it allows users to communicate with no extra costs. It can be especially valuable in offices or other environments that are already heavily reliant on desktops and Internet connections.

The tool comes with a seemingly interface. Indeed, once properly configured, the software runs very smoothly and users should have no problem in making their calls. However, the settings windows are quite cluttered with various technical information.

Allows sending calls and text messages

In essence, there is little to differentiate this softphone from a normal telephone. Just like the latter, the program features a dialpad, a call register and an agenda. Similarly, it also allows sending text messages and chatting.

Before one can start to dial numbers, the application needs to be configured. Users should note that the software requires a working user account linked to a SIP server. Once past this step is completed, making calls is allowed.

Features data encryption

One of the strong features of this application is the voice quality. The program supports 8, 16, 24 and 32 kHz sound codecs from various providers. Similarly, data privacy is secured via TLS/SRTP encryption. Sending and receiving calls is strikingly similar to the ‘real thing’ and users are even free to customize the ringtone.

To conclude, MicroSIP Lite is good tool for communicating with friends via Voice over Internet Protocol calls.

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