Mib Mouse Robot

Automate multiple mouse actions as well as the execution of custom tasks, with this compact and lightweight automation application.

  • Mib Mouse Robot
  • Version :2.9
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Sendaisoft

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Mib Mouse Robot Description

Users who perform repetitive tasks and operations often, might at some point, require alternative solutions for automating such processes. Mib Mouse Robot is an application that was developed to allow people to record the preferred mouse click actions, define specific intervals for them and execute them selectively, this way achieving increased workflow efficiency.

Basic interface that will not impress through its appearance, but through its easy handling

The application carries a plain interface that might leave users under the impression that it isn’t finished yet, because of its crude looks. Nevertheless, when going past these initial aspects, one will discover that the utility doesn’t need an attractive interface, considering how well it performs its tasks.

When it comes to automation, there are numerous software solutions out there that offer such capabilities, but most of them require advanced knowledge. Nevertheless, Mib Mouse Robot tries to provide a more accessible approach, by allowing users to configure their automation much easier.

Automate mouse actions or custom tasks and organize them into sequences, with this compact application

People will be able to handle the application by keeping their mouse cursor over the area of their screens where they will like to perform the clicks. By using the “F4” and “F5” keys, they will be able to set the utility to record a right and left click respectively.

Furthermore, websites can also be opened, by inputting them in the execution feature provided by the application. Once the preferred mouse action and tasks have been set, a custom execution interval can be defined and the process initiated. Mib Mouse Robot will then perform the required mouse clicks and open the provided websites.

Easy-to-use automation tool that will help users expedite their workflow through basic task and mouse click execution

This application addresses those who require a simple and efficient tool for automating their PC work. It will allow them to record mouse clicks, input web sites that need to be opened and execute these tasks selectively, at specified intervals. Since it offers a straightforward configuration process and it requires no extra macro or automation knowledge, Mib Mouse Robot will be easy to use by novice and experienced users alike.

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