Mgosoft PDF Security Command Line

Decrypt and encrypt any of your PDF files fast with the help of command-line arguments when using this straightforward piece of software.

  • Mgosoft PDF Security Command Line
  • Version :9.6.3
  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Mgosoft

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Mgosoft PDF Security Command Line Description

Mgosoft PDF Security Command Line is an intuitive piece of software that allows users to modify the security settings of their PDF files with the help of command-line arguments.

With the aid of this program, users can encrypt and decrypt their Portable Document Format (PDF) files, depending on their needs. Moreover, they can also apply or remove certain restrictions to/from these documents.

The application allows users to perform all of the operations that are supported in the GUI version of PDF Security, but it requires for them to input each parameter in the command-line shell. Thus, the tool might prove a bit difficult to use to those who are not accustomed to performing operations this way.

Mgosoft PDF Security Command Line offers support not only for decrypting password-protected PDF files, but also for removing any restrictions that they might include. After being decrypted with this tool, data can be printed or edited, and users can copy content into other documents.

The encryption process allows users to protect any of their documents from their used without their permission. Thus, they can improve the security of their PDFs by adding user or owner passwords to them and by preventing others from printing, editing, or copying content from their files.

With the help of Mgosoft PDF Security Command Line, users can also add watermarks to their PDFs, and can choose the position, color and size of their text stamps. The tool also comes with support for different types of encryption, allowing users to select the one that suits their needs effortlessly.

Mgosoft PDF Security Command Line can be used to change the meta-data associated with PDFs. Users can change the author, subject, title, and keywords with the help of command-line parameters, and can do so even if they do not have Adobe Acrobat installed on their computers.

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