Manage your stock portfolio with this comprehensive application that allows you to get quotes from markets, as well as to view financial statistics.

  • Merops
  • Version : 10.046
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Merops

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Merops Description

Merops is a detailed stocks manager that features multiple complementary tools, such as a risk management module. The application receives slightly delayed market feeds.

Features numerous functions for keeping track of transactions

This program is a great resource for anyone involved in stock market exchanges. From hedge fund managers to stock brokers and private investors, everyone can benefit from the wide array of features that the software sports.

The numerous functions make this application quite complex. Thus, the GUI can become quite cluttered, more-so since most actions will result in a new window being opened up. In order to avoid costly confusions, users are well-advised to close any residual windows before moving on to a new task.

That being said, the program is easy to use, although one must have a preliminary understanding of how the stock market operates. In this sense, Merops is a tool better-suited for accountants than forecasters, since there are multiple options to record transaction records and their results.

Buy and sell using accurate market information

After one has defined a portfolio, transactions can be added. One of the really powerful features that this application sports is the ability to receive 15 minutes delayed feeds from markets. This almost real-time feedback means that users can adequately plan tasks.

One can check both the stock indexes as well as the currency quotations directly from the program (requires an Internet connection, in order to receive up-to-date information). This eliminates the need for a third-party program.

As with any respectable portfolio manager, Merops can display detailed assets statistics regarding their past, present and even future value. A ‘losses and profits’ breakdown analysis is also available, which is a great method of weeding out bad stocks.

A good choice for anyone in the business of trading on the market

To conclude, Merops is a detailed stocks managing suite that allows users to make decisions based on almost real-time data, received via the software. This eliminates the need for other programs and gives the tool great power.

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