Mermaid Preschool Lessons

Teach your children the basics of colors, shapes, numbers, letters, counting or sorting in a fun and engaging way using this software solution.

  • Mermaid Preschool Lessons
  • Version :1.1.6
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Active Panda

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Mermaid Preschool Lessons Description

While the advent of technology brings manifold benefits, one of the setbacks is that children tend to get very distracted at early ages especially when it comes to learning the basics. Since they prefer playing and procrastinating to studying, one idea is to come up with lessons that can be integrated into their favorite activities.

Mermaid Preschool Lessons is an application specially designed for young girls and that enables you to use colorful and interactive games to teach your children the basics.

Includes plenty of lessons on various topics

The idea behind the program is to provide help children learn the ABC from a plethora of topics, including but not limited to colors, numbers, letters, shapes, words, objects, vocabulary, so on and so forth. You should know that each lesson is rather short and entails learning new things or answering a question, none of which should be too difficult to tackle.

In addition, every new concept introduced is explained when it pops up for the first time. Since the utility addresses toddlers, the explanations or descriptions are provided via symbols and animations rather than text, an option that can make children less dependent on their parents.

Comes with a neatly designed and helpful mermaid aid

As you would expect from an application designed for little girls, the interface is designed with vivid and appealing colors and animations. Moreover, the utility includes a nicely drawn mermaid as the tutor who guides children through the questions and lessons.

You will be happy to learn that the animated tutor encourages children when the answers do not come quick and that it provides extra explanations when the situation requires it. While the mermaid character plays the role of the teacher, the friendly voice and charming graphics make it seem more of a companion and hence, can make learning look like a child’s play.

An app that can help you get children excited about learning

In the eventuality that you noticed your little girl is spending too much time in front of the computer, then perhaps you should make sure that she is doing something productive. Mermaid Preschool Lessons is a tool that enables little girls to have fun, while learning many new things at the same time.

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