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Manage your organization’s members with this comprehensive and powerful application that allows you to keep track of dues and donations balances.

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MemberTies Professional Description

MemberTies Professional is a detailed program that allows club administrators to keep better track of membership changes, as well as dues balances. The software allows generating thorough reports that can be exported to PDF, CSV, TSV or Excel formats.

A good tool for managers

The application is valuable for all club managers or other individuals that are in a similar situation. It can be a potentially useful tool for HR managers, as well as for school principals. It might even be employed in order to keep track of student societies.

As with any manager, the tool features numerous windows and fields that have to be completed. Thus, when dealing with large organizations, the GUI can become quite cluttered. Although far from complex, newcomers might find the multiple menu items a bit bewildering. The few top buttons available constitute great methods of quickly navigating to important windows.

Saves information in a database

Once installed, the program can generate its own database, or load one already available. This is great feature, since it allows one to store all the data in one place. And, since the library is password-protected, data tempering is prevented.

In essence, one could compare this program to a comprehensive membership archive or log. Just as one would proceed with a physical catalog, inserting members is the first step in managing the organization. There are multiple fields which can be completed and adding photos is supported.

Keeps track of dues and other financial figures

The software also allows administrators to keep track of dues and donations. More-so, detailed reports can be generated for all of the program’s modules. These can be printed or saved to common formats, such as PDF.

All things considered, MemberTies Professional is a great resource for anyone involved in managing sizable organizations.

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