Create chord progressions and full melodies on your computer from scratch with the help of this complex and efficient application.

  • MelodyBuilder
  • Version :6.0.1
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
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MelodyBuilder Description

MelodyBuilder is an advanced and reliable software solution created for both the experienced and beginners who wish to dabble into music making, regardless of the prior knowledge in the field.

Complex and feature-packed GUI

In terms of appearance, the application can seem fairly cluttered and overwhelming, due to the numerous panels, sections, menus and tabs that it features, not all of which are sufficiently transparent in what concerns their functionality, particularly for novices.

However, by going through the help documentation or simply by testing out the various functions that MelodyBuilder has to offer, you will become increasingly accustomed to how it works.

Compose original songs using chord progressions

Aside from providing you with numerous samples to help you get started, the program also enables you to create your own music, from scratch. For this purpose, you can select the ‘Song Scale’, add or remove tracks and input patterns in a preferred location. You can work with a wide array of instruments, including ‘Bass’, ‘Drum’, ‘Guitar’, ‘Keys’, ‘Organ’ and many others, being able to adjust each one’s level of volume.

You can drag and drop ‘Chords’ from the dedicated panel onto your song, then apply different chord progressions to them. MelodyBuilder comes with several ‘Progression Presets’ and ‘Pattern Presets’ that you can take advantage of or customize them to better suit your preferences.

To test out your creation, you can press the play button and listen to it, then make any changes you see fit, if any are required. Finally, when you are satisfied with the results, you can save the song, export it to your favorite audio sequencer or to MIDI format, to your computer.

A comprehensive music composer

To conclude, MelodyBuilder is an interesting and efficient utility that can successfully assist you in your music making endeavors, saving you time and effort, while also enabling you to generate more unique tracks.

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