MEGA for Chrome

Conveniently improve both the performance levels and the overall security while using the Mega online storage platform with the help of this Chrome extension.

  • MEGA for Chrome
  • Version : 3.13.5
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Mega Limited

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MEGA for Chrome Description

MEGA is one of the most popular cloud storage and file hosting services that can currently offer its users up to 4TB of storage space to play around with, without overlooking important factors like privacy and file security.

If you’re a MEGA user and your web browser of choice is none other than Google Chrome, then you might want to check out the company’s bespoke Chrome extension.

Minimalist MEGA-vetted Chrome extension that should improve your user experience with the platform

Right off the bat, we should point out that this is a very minimalist Chrome extension, without a proper UI and that does all its magic by running unobtrusively in the background. In just a few words, this extension is meant to strengthen the security while using MEGA and make your browser a bit more MEGA-aware, if you will.

For example, any MEGA URL is automatically “captured” by the extension, and supposedly, it’s also meant to improve the overall download performance, which, in turn, will reduce loading times. How much of an improvement can there actually be, however, we can’t really say.

Two ways of installing it

To install it, simply visit its official Chrome Web Store page and click the “ADD TO CHROME” button. You will notice that it integrates with Chrome’s toolbar, by making its presence in the typical place, next to all your other extensions, on the right side of the address bar.

Alternatively, you can download the extension directly from its official website via the link provided in our download section, in which case, you subsequently need to manually install it by dragging and dropping the .crx file into Chrome’s extensions page. As mentioned before, you can’t interact directly with the extension, so you might as well hide its icon altogether and save some space.

All possible advantages, no real drawbacks worth considering

Taking everything into account, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t install Mega for Chrome if you’re a MEGA user. As we’re sure you’ll agree, everything meant to improve security and performance is well worth having, and, since it’s an official extension developed by the same company, there’s really no reason to doubt that.

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