A customizable media center application with extensive support for various types of files, enabling you to manage multimedia content from a single place.

  • MeediOS
  • Version :2.1.5
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :MeediOS Team

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MeediOS Description

MeediOS is a comprehensive multimedia files manager that allows users to customize most aspects of the GUI. Featuring a detailed and powerful built-in Configuration Editor, users have complete freedom over the plug-ins and libraries employed by the software.

Features a lavish interface

Users with multimedia databases will benefit from this tool, as it allows one to view and play files in an richly decorated and immersive environment. These things said, the software could be better depicted as an ‘showroom for media files’, because organizing and sorting documents is not really its strong point.

As hinted in the previous paragraph, the tool features a GUI that significantly distinguishes it from similar products. Navigation is performed via a rotating navigation bar that allows users to browse from different categories of media files.

Allows a high degree of customization via the built-in Configuration Editor

MeediOS’ power is really in its interface and how one can customize it. The beautiful interface features rich background images that significantly improve users’ experience, at least with regards to the display. Most aspects of the interface can be adjusted by users with the built-in Configuration Editor.

The Editor can be employed in order to adjust a wide array of settings, from core functions (for example, by controlling user permissions) to menu hotkeys. Each module the program features can be configured with this utility, including its built-in players. Other cosmetic changes can also be applied, such as adjusting the background image and the sounds played.

Can be a bit confusing to newcomers

However, the resource is not all about looks! It features built-in viewers that support most media file-types. As with any immersive program, however, there is the risk of confusing users. Sometimes navigation options are not really that clear and perhaps future versions will streamline this aspect, as it is, really, one if its distinctive functions.

All things considered, MeediOS is a multimedia manager notable for its fresh and distinctive approach to displaying content.

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