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Extract LaTeX documents from MediaWiki content, such as Wikipedia articles or Wikipedia books by relying on this handy application.

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MediaWiki to LaTeX Description

Editing public material can be a challenging task to accomplish, especially if you are not the only one who can alter the content and information can be freely changed.

Fortunately, you can rely on specialized software, such as MediaWiki to LaTeX, that can fetch a copy of the current online document and export it safely to your computer, for your own, personal use.

Basic user interface

This application comes with a rudimentary design that features a few combo menus, a URL field and a button, thus simplifying your experience and granting you increased overall accessibility.

Its functionality is quite straightforward, as it can easily download MediaWiki and save it on your computer as a PDF. You only need to provide it with a valid web address and set certain parameters.

Handy wiki markup downloader

Although some of the websites that use MediaWiki (e.g. Wikipedia) have integrated the “Download as PDF” function, relying on MediaWiki to LaTeX can provide you with more options. For instance, you can choose from various templates, paper sizes or vector graphics.

Additionally, content that was generated by this program features a wider variety of information. This utility automatically displays a list of contributors at the end of the document, allowing you to use it for future reference.

Comprehensive document information

Furthermore, compared to standard PDF download from corresponding websites, documents that were downloaded with this tool also come with full lists of figures, content tables and external links. The features above provide you with a better experience, as they offer you more significant information.

To wrap it up, MediaWiki to LaTeX can help you extract MediaWiki content and export it to PDF files on your computer with ease. Although this application features a simple interface along with intuitive functions, you might need medium PC operation knowledge to fully understand its capacities and use it as it was intended.

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