MediaHint for Chrome

A lightweight Chrome extension that enables media services in multiple countries using a worldwide network of proxy servers that hide your IP address.

  • MediaHint for Chrome
  • Version :0.2.9
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
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MediaHint for Chrome Description

MediaHint for Chrome is a browser extension that removes area limitations for various online media services such as Netflix, Pandora, Hulu and Spotify. The upper advantage of the extension is that no configuration is necessary, so user efforts are reduced to zero.

Also available for Firefox, MediaHint gained quite the crowd of fans, because it provides access to several online services in countries where these are not supported.

This task is achieved via a network of worldwide proxy servers that conceal your IP address, making it impossible for the services in question to identify that you’re from a restricted area.

The difference between MediaHint and similar products is that the former actually works. From our experience, we can safely state that half of the candidates on the proxy market work while the other just say they do.

Moreover, user efforts are drastically minimized compared to what similar services tend to ask for. In this case, everything that is needed is to install the extension, no configuration needed.

In order to successfully deploy it, simply drag the CRX file onto the Extensions tab of the Chrome browser and confirm its installation. This is also the place that allows you to disable it or remove it altogether.

Once the service is enabled, you can navigate to Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and Spotify freely and without any restriction. During our tests, we were able to access all of these, even though our region was blocked for all four services.

On an ending note, MediaHint for Chrome is definitely a good choice if you can’t access the above mentioned services from your region. However, keep in mind that this add-on does not sport the full functionality of a proxy server and as such, does not remove restrictions for services other than the specified ones.

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