Media manager for movies, TV shows, concerts and music, which can load missing information and images from known websites, and create NFO files for Kodi.

  • MediaElch
  • Version :2.4.2
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :k.vibes

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MediaElch Description

MediaElch is meant to assist users in managing their multimedia library. The application allows loading custom images for the movies.

Sports a white GUI

The application features a very clean interface. The white background is well-suited for the job and goes well with the mildly colored buttons. There are a fair number of functions, all grouped into easy to use buttons.

Once a multimedia directory has been selected, the program automatically loads all relevant content. When inserting clips into the working window, users should be careful what category they select, as this will act like a filter against other sort options.

For example, if one has a single multimedia folder, inserting its content as Music means that only that tab will load files. Given that this is a multimedia file manager, more support for single folders containing different types of files should exist.

Can read most clips, complete with their metadata information

Apart from this aspect, the software loads most video files, including AVIs, MPGs, MOVs and FLVs. The clip’s metadata is clearly displayed in tabs and other information, such as the actors starring is also visible.

One of the great functions of this program is that it features support for many scrapers. Users can rely on The Movie DB, TV DB, IMDB, Cinefacts, VideoBuster and OFDb to receive information related to their films.

Scrape parameters are numerous and one can search the aforementioned sites for anything from title to overview or certification.

Strong scraper, basic manager

To conclude, MediaElch is a promising video manager that has a lot of room for improvement. If all the other functions can be improved to the level of its scraping capabilities, this tool will become a significant player on the market of multimedia managers!

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