MediaCoder iPod/iPhone/iPad Edition

Prepare audio and video files for playback on iOS devices by configuring settings and selecting the iPod, iPhone or iPad profile.

  • MediaCoder iPod/iPhone/iPad Edition
  • Version : 0.8.49 Build 5890
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Stanley Huang

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MediaCoder iPod/iPhone/iPad Edition Description

MediaCoder iPod/iPhone/iPad Edition is a tool that can convert media files to the iPod, iPhone and iPad profiles.

The interface of the program seems a bit cluttered at first (buttons and text could have been bigger), but the software tool is quite simple to use.

Prepare audio and video for playback on iOS

You can get started by adding media files to the list, by using the file browser or the “drag and drop” method (batch processing is supported as well).

In the list you can view the name, speed, state, size, duration, type, group, preset file, full path and output destination for each source file. You can also check out file properties when it comes to the audio bitrate, duration, size, video scan mode, and others.

Apply effects, crop videos, and configure other settings

So, you can apply clipping and effects, crop files or configure subtitle settings, as well as set starting and ending positions, change audio properties and use other options (e.g. enable AviSynth for decoding). Furthermore, you can set frames per seconds, audio and video bitrate, encoding level, and more.

The software app take a reasonable amount of time to complete a task while using a moderate quantity of system resources. However, it doesn’t include a help file and can be difficult to understand for first-time users.

Simple-to-use media conversion tool

Sometimes it takes several long seconds for MediaCoder iPod/iPhone/iPad Edition to analyze the bitstream of a certain file, during which the program appears to be non-functional. Also, it froze once when trying to encode an MP3 file, and we had to restart the application.

All in all, MediaCoder iPod/iPhone/iPad Edition certainly comes packed with options for both novices and experienced individuals, but it definitely needs to work on its interface and functionality.

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