Media Monitoring Tool

A simple to use application designed to perform digital video fingerprinting and detect the number of occurrences of an advert within a broadcast recording.

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Media Monitoring Tool Description

Media Monitoring Tool is a comprehensive digital video matching (or video fingerprinting) program that is capable of determining the occurrences of a certain clip within a larger video. The software is particularly useful for the media monitoring business, since it allows them to determine the exact count of aired adverts.

Media monitoring made easy

Companies that buy air time on a specific channel need a method of verification that their advertisements are being aired the correct number of times and in the right hour interval. Generally, this type of verification is done manually, by an employee who watches TV for 24 hours.

Media Monitoring Tool represents a lighter alternative to this method, since it can easily detect whether or not an advert was aired in a day. The software is designed to perform digital video fingerprinting, which means that it can recognize the occurrence of a clip within a larger video.

In other words, the daily broadcast must be pre-recorded, then you need a sample of the advertisement you wish to identify.

Counting advert occurrences

Media Monitoring Tool uses three, alternative methods of video decoding, which allows it to recognize the occurrence of the provided ad sample. Thus, you can load the folder containing the recordings for the week’s broadcast, for instance, then specify the path hosting the ad samples.

The software can compare the videos from both sources then determine whether or not the ads match fragments of the broadcast. When the analysis is finished, the software can display the results, indicating the specified video name, the number of occurrences and the exact moments it starts.

Proof of airing without trouble

Not only does Media Monitoring Tool make tasks much easier for the media monitoring companies, but it also provides them with hard proof of the adverts’ airing. The software indicates the exact moments of airing, as well as the number of the adverts’ occurrences within the recorded TV broadcast. The integrated media player allows you to preview the daily recording.

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