ME Datum

Track and search for files from removable storage devices, such as DVDs, USB sticks or other similar drives, locating files base don their MD5 hash.

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ME Datum Description

ME Datum is a user-friendly and intuitive software solution created to assist you in finding and comparing files from local and external storage devices, including discs, memory drives and other such objects.

Simple and easy to handle GUI

This Java-based utility features a fairly clean and accessible user interface, its usage posing minimal difficulty, even if you lack previous computer experience.

The main window of ME Datum enables you to easily establish the root folders you want to scan, being able to display the files each one contains and perform searches based on a variety of criteria.

Search and find files based on their name or MD5 hash

To get things started, you need to define the root directories you intend to work with, either from your computer or a DVD, a USB stick or a similar removable drive. ME Datum will automatically load all files into its main window, including subfolders, allowing you to view details about the size, format and the last modification date for each file.

From the context menu of the program, you can explore subfolders into different tabs, open files in their default software, access the containing directory or search for files of the same dimensions or the same MD5 hash throughout all other roots.

Moreover, ME Datum enables you to perform refined searches, being able to locate an item based on its name or MD5 hash value, supporting wildcards and case sensitivity, even letting you choose between targeting one or all roots.

A straightforward file finder

To summarize, ME Datum is a handy and practical application which you can use for analyzing the contents of various local or external folders, being able to search for specific files and locate them in little to no time.

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