A lightweight and easy to use piece of software that enables you to learn the checksum of any file you downloaded via a third-party source.

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MD5 Description

In the eventuality that you would like to determine the integrity of a file stored on your computer, then the simplest way entails checking its unique digital signature. As the name suggests, MD5 is an application designed to help you verify the cryptographic hash value of files quick and effortlessly.

Comes with a minimalistic command line-like interface

First off, you should know that the program does not require installation and you can use it as soon as you download it onto your computer. The utility includes a rugged interface similar to Windows’ Command Line, a choice that can intimidate some users. Then again, in spite of its looks, the app does not support commands.

It would have been useful if the utility allowed you to browse through the folders on your local drives and add the files whose integrity you want to verify. Moreover, it does not include a comparison feature that would permit you to identify potential changes between two files. Lastly, it does not carry advanced options or support for other types of checksums, such as SHA256, for instance.

Simple and straightforward functionality

You will be happy to learn that using the program has never been simpler, especially since all you need to do is drag and drop the file whose integrity you are verifying over the icon. More precisely, you need to hoover the executable over the app until you view the “Open with MD5” function.

Comparing two similar files implies repeating the aforementioned procedure for both executables. It would have made a difference if the app at least allowed you to copy the hash value to clipboard, as currently you can determine this aspect by visually inspecting the hash values displayed in two distinct windows.

A handy tool for learning the MD5 for files

All in all, MD5 is a small and light utility that enables you to immediately learn the hash information of files you download or that you suspect have been corrupted or infected with malware.

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