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Define mathematical expressions with custom variables with this utility that allows you to solve equations, calculate derivatives / integrals or find extremums.

  • Math Calculator
  • Version :2.6
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :GraphNow

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Math Calculator Description

Students, teachers or those who work with mathematical functions and equations could require an efficient tool for performing their calculations. Math Calculator is a minimalist application that will help users create their own custom equations, add different variables, calculate integrals / derivatives, all in a compact package.

Basic interface that will allow people to input variables from their keyboards or on-screen controls

The application boasts a sleek interface that manages to accommodate all the necessary tools one needs in order to write custom equations and solve them with ease. Users will be able to insert the preferred expressions by using both the keyboard or the provided buttons and the utility offers a list of predefined functions in its interface.

When the entered equations and functions are solved, the application will list the results in the bottom section. Nevertheless, if compared to other software solutions that offer similar capabilities, Math Calculator lacks a visualizer for the functions, which could have been very useful to have.

Input the preferred variables and construct equations with this application that can calculate derivatives and extremums

Users will be able to write the required equations or functions and after solving them, the application will list the results no time. In addition to its basic calculus capabilities, Math Calculator also provides users with separate menus for calculating derivatives, integrals and extremum points.

However, although it features an intuitive handling and easy-to-use tools, demanding users might not be satisfied by the limited function list. Furthermore, the main interface cannot be resized and when the results text exceeds the space offered in its section, users might have to scroll in order to see all the corresponding string.

Compact and lightweight tool for calculating user-defined equations and functions, but with minor shortcomings

People who seek a basic calculator that will allow them to also solve equations, functions and extras such as derivatives / integrals / extremums, this utility could be a good choice. They will be able to handle it with ease and access several predefined functions in order to expedite their workflow. Nonetheless, experienced users might request additional functions in the internal library, or a much needed, function visualizer.

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