Materia Designer

Develop, customize and deploy mobile or web apps and games with the help of this very robust yet quite user-friendly development environment that acts as a modern backend.

  • Materia Designer
  • Version :0.8.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Webshell

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Materia Designer Description

Materia Designer is a very approachable and modern piece of software that provides you with all the necessary tools and feature for building leading mobile and web apps.

In just a few words, Materia Designer is a complex backend capable of managing the entire process of building apps and all major aspects involved like database relationships, database synchronization, API management, static file hosting, dockerization and, finally, deployment.

Install, take a quick tour and start developing and deploying apps in no time

The application undergoes a streamlined installation and can be launched just like any other Windows application. Upon first launching the utility, you are greeted by a welcoming screen that invites you to either take a tour of the app or to start creating your first application.

For creating a new app, you firstly need to choose your app’s home directory, enter its name, select a color for the icon, connect to a local or remote databases like PostgreSQL, SQLite or MySQL, and you’re ready to go.

Non-intimidating and advanced development environment

Only after completing this light start process can you actually get accustomed to the app’s main window. The first thing that becomes evident is just how user-friendly this app is, with its modern and intuitive interface.

Speaking of its interface, everything seems to be well within your reach almost all the time. From the left side of the main window, you can easily check the server status and access the app’s features that help you with everything from creating data models, developing the app and actually deploying it.

Reliable and robust, yet very user-orientated backend

To conclude, with the help of its intuitive development tools, user-friendly interface, comprehensive guides and documentation material and features that allow you to thoroughly develop and deploy mobile or web apps, it becomes quite clear that Materia Designer strikes a good balance between overall power and user accessibility.

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