An advanced application that enables you to organize information and search for matching data in several servers, systems or mailboxes.

  • Match
  • Version :8.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :DQ Global

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Match Description

Match is a powerful tool that enables you to arrange and organize large batches of data entries, when they are incorrectly structured, spelled, abbreviated or missing. It is suitable for maintaining the accuracy and format of your data, also enabling you to identify duplicate entries and manage them.

Clean duplicate data sets

Match allows you to create several sessions, each assigned a different database/server/source. It can work with your CRM applications or databases, in order to identify duplicate sets and ensure your information is properly formatted. Moreover, you can maintain a single view of your customer This way, you can avoid data waste, confusion, unnecessary space occupation.

The sessions you can create with Match allow you to use its functionality to the height of its potential. Each session must be assigned a name and one or more data sources. You can select a single source and proceed to searching/removing duplicates, or choose more databases, for cross-matching entries. You may set several filters, in order to select the data you wish to analyze, by clicking the SQL filter button.

Organize data offline or online

The supported data sources include text documents, offline database files. Alternatively, you can connect to an online server, such as Visual FoxPro, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SQL Server, SalesLogix, Oracle, MySQL, ODBC or MS UDL. Additionally, you can set the threshold for matching data or searching for duplicates in several languages.

Once a session is created, you can alter the code script, insert special conditions, set references or create rules. You may run the selected session at any time, then view the results in a log box or as a HTML file. The detected duplicates can be deleted individually and orphans can be assigned to other data sources.

Powerful tool for de-duplicating information

You can manage Match from the Command Line and automate the run of any selected session, according to a schedule. Moreover, you can create scripted events that can occur at a particular point during a session, view errors or manage all the sessions from an over-viewing dashboard. Match can easily be reconfigured to fit your data requirements.

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