Master Sender

This application allows users to easily compose static or dynamic emails and anonymously send them to a large number of addresses.

  • Master Sender
  • Version :6.83
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Master Sender, Inc

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Master Sender Description

Master Sender is a simple to use application that enables you to automate the sending of bulk email. The program allows you to send anonymous messages without needing to install or connect to a third party proxy server. It can hide your IP address from the email header, thus protecting your privacy.

Send anonymous messages

Master Sender is a suitable solution for cases in which you wish to send bulk emails, such as newsletters or promotional materials from a marketing campaign. The program can help you anonymize these messages and at the same time maintain your ISP service.

The application allows you to avoid installing third party proxy servers since it can automatically connect to specific proxies each time you open it. Similarly, you can reduce the SMTP relays and avoid using bulk ISP services. Moreover, you can send emails from your computer even if the current ISP does not support the SMTP port or blocks it.

Generate and send dynamic messages

Master Sender can send the same message to several recipients, plus adapt the names, dates or addresses in the title and the email text. This feature is supported by importing data from CSV files and manage the tags.

The program allows you to import data from CSV files, including mailing lists, email text, subject or rotating messages. You can also manage email attachments and view them in a separate box.

Alternatively, you can manually configure the recipients’ addresses list, using the dedicated function from the main window. The message can be previewed in plain text, HTML or dynamic modes.

Set preferred proxy settings

Master Sender allows you to manually modify the primary/secondary DNS, the threads number, timeout duration, the number of retries in case of delivery/connection failure. The program enables you to create a blacklist in which to add the addresses you wish to ignore when sending a message. You can also control the cache size and the number of emails per SMTP session.

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