Mass Watermark

Add one or more images, create various watermark templates, add text and logos in a few easy and quick steps with adjustable output quality.

  • Mass Watermark
  • Version :1.6
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
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Mass Watermark Description

Images can nowadays be generated and created using an abundance of devices, at stunning quality settings and resolutions. Used in commercial and marketing environments might require some form of personalization to prevent theft. In this regard, Mass Watermark comes as an easy solution to add labels and extra enhancements over your images.

Intuitive design makes it easy to use

The main window’s design makes you start trying out its functions right away. This is because it’s intuitive enough, with a list that lets you either view thumbnails of imported pictures or a list. A preview area fills another panel, while management options are found under a few simple steps.

Common formats can be loaded such as JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP and GIF. Although you can’t just drag files over the main window, the application lets you load contents of an entire folder with a few mouse clicks.

Create templates and adjust quality

Before adding watermarks, you can take the time to explore the few extra editing tools at your disposal. Found in a corresponding file menu, these let you create templates you can alter or directly apply to projects, with specific elements like watermark designer, optimization and resizing, cropping, as well as EXIF editor.

A decent amount of flexibility is provided, with each of the three steps being equipped with at least two corresponding tabs. Multiple watermark layers can be added, but not of the same type. In other words, there’s the possibility to add text at a custom location with your own style preferences, while there’s a similar panel that lets you handle extra images or logos.

Customization options are abundant, with different styles, font, size specifications for the font, orientation and arrangement in preset locations, and even transparency. The same can be said for the results. As such, quality settings all depend on adjustments you make, again, either from presets or minor tweaks.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Mass Watermark is a powerful and easy to use application with which to quickly enhance or add a personal touch to your photos. Designers at your disposal are abundant, with various presets and possibility to tweak multiple areas, from style and effects, to quality of output.

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