Mass Project Folder Creator

Create several folders and subfolders, based on an existing structure, which you may duplicate, rename, then save at the indicated path.

  • Mass Project Folder Creator
  • Version :5.00
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Prognext

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Mass Project Folder Creator Description

Mass Project Folder Creator is a reliable application that allows you to multiply a project folder structure, rename, then save the results in the selected location. The program offers you three methods of folder duplication, allowing you to manually select an existing structure that you wish to copy.

Create multiple folders with incremental numbers in the title

Mass Project Folder Creator allows you to generate a multitude of similar project folders, based on existing structures. The process is simple: you need to specify the destination directory, the starting and ending number, optionally inserting a prefix or suffix.

You may select one or several folder structures, by indicating an existing folder from a local drive. Alternatively, the program can read the required information from an imported text or CSV file. The import wizard can help you configure the information you wish to use and edit entries.

Attach folder structures

Before generating the project folders, you may attach templates to each created item, based on existing structures or by data extracted from text files.

The template may consist of main folders and their subfolders or only their subfolders. You also have the option to include the files contained in each folder or not.

The software features a simulation function, similar to a preview, which allows you to experience the results of your settings, without actually generating any item. You may thus change certain options or start the task.

The other project folder generating methods imply creating the desired structures based on strings or paths contained in .TXT / .CSV files.

Export lists to external files

The two functions implying the creation of multiple folders using strings, respectively paths, allow you to edit the imported text. Mass Project Folder Creator allows you to freely modify, add or delete information, which you can later export to .TXT / .CSV files. Several exporting options are available, such as set the separator or convert it to folder template.

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