Convert text to HTML or quickly create simple text-based presentations with the help of this useful and user friendly Markdown presentation writer.

  • Marp
  • Version:0.0.11 Pre
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Yuki Hattori

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Marp Description

Marp is a streamlined and useful piece of software designed from the ground up to enable you to edit and convert text to HTML without much hassle.

This Electron-based application does not require any type of installation. Therefore, you can get started with it right away by just unzipping the archive and launching it via its executable file.

Markdown editor that comes with not one, not two but three preview modes

At first sight, it is business as usual, as Marp presents itself as a typical Markdown editor with live preview capabilities. As expected, the main window is split in half, the left side is where you can edit the text and, evidently, the right side is where you can see the applied changes in real time.

This is a good time to point out that yes, this is a Markdown Editor but not an ordinary one, as the three preview modes, suggestively named Markdown, 1:1 Slide and Slide List, should be proof enough.

Quickly create text presentation edited with Markdown

Going on, you can effortlessly break pages or split pages by simply adding three minus lines, as follows “—“. Furthermore, you should know that Marp also comes with pagination capabilities and can also help you resize slides.

Please note that more advanced instructions are provided in the example file provided by the developer on its website. You can quickly access it by visiting the Help menu from the program’s interface.

Export your texts as PDF while keeping their page layout intact

Last but not least, you will happy to hear that this utility also comes with one of the most sought-after features when it comes to Markdown editors, namely it can export your documents as PDFs.

Having arrived at this point, it is worth mentioning that the app will not only export your work as PDF but it will also keep your pagination layout untouched.

A useful utility that deserves the title of Markdown Presentation Writer

All in all, Marp is a reliable and kind of interesting Markdown Editor that should definitely be taken into account when searching for such an app, especially if you need to prepare quick text-based presentations and PDF is your format of choice.

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