Record, test and refactor JRuby or Jython scripts with this detailed application that allows developers to create exploratory or semi-automatic tests.

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MarathonITE Description

One of the most important steps in developing a new program is quality assurance. This can take on many forms and for most modern applications an important hurdle is the UI testing step. MarathonITE offers automated assistance to developers, in the form of a JRuby, Jython scripts recording, testing and refactoring suite.

Test UI script objects

It should be noted that the program is a commercial version of the scaled down Marathon program. It features the same abilities to test JRuby and Jython UI objects, in a secure and familiar environment. Users can run and debug scripts, as well as to create exploratory, automatic and semi-automatic tests.

Besides these features, already found in the standard version of the program, users have access to a few powerful enhancements specifically engineered for enterprise script testing and maintenance. Two new menus control the new functionality, namely the “Refactor” and “Object map” menus.

Create exploratory, automated or semi-automatic code tests

With these, one can issue data driven test cases, as well as to convert previously recorded scripts to data oriented tests. MarathonITE improves the users’ experience by adding “Create DDT” and “Create Data Loop” refactorings, also accessible from the new menus.

At this point, it should be noted that MarathonITE is fully compatible with Marathon projects while the latter will not recognize the enhanced functionality present in documents created with the commercial version of the application. Other new functions that one can employ to test Java or Swing GUI objects include a configurable naming strategy as well as a cleanup module, which can be used to cleanse object map files.

The program allows software developers to automate GUI tests for JRuby or Jython scripts and applications

To conclude, MarathonITE is a viable tool for recording, testing and refactoring JRuby or Jython scripts.

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