Record, replay and refactor test cases for Java GUI programs with this powerful application that comes with an editor and allows batch mode operations.

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Marathon Description

Software development entails many steps, one of which involves making sure scripts are well tested before being featured in the final program. Marathon offers users with a viable solution of testing Java or Swing GUI applications. The application supports JRuby and Python scripts and users have the option of recording and playing back tests, to ensure no errors escape the process.

Test Python and Ruby scripts

The program features an efficiency-geared interface, built around multiple frames that store specific information. Users familiar with software development will recognize the often-used layout with a large working frame for the actual code, a files repository on the left side and an error log beneath the code area.

Marathon can be employed for a variety of objectives, including exploratory and semi automatic testing, as well as for editing Jython and JRuby scripts. It generates detailed error logs and breakpoints can be used to ensure improved results. The recorded data can be exported to text documents.

Process components or the entire application

One of the great features of this application is that it automatically loads all project-affiliated components. Thus, users can test individual modules, as well as the entire program. As with most debuggers and code testers, all lines are numbered, which makes it very easy to navigate to problem-areas.

Using Marathon, one can create a variety of new items, including exploratory tests, fixtures and testcases. Where applicable, the program automatically generates several predefined lines for the new files.

The application assists software engineers by recording, replaying and refactoring test cases for Java GUI programs

Summing up, Marathon is a good tool for running GUI-based acceptance tests for Java or Swing tools.

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