Maple Professional

A professional tree outline manager with advanced editing and formatting tools, an ANSI converter, spell checking and encryption capabilities.

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Maple Professional Description

Maple Professional is a software application designed specifically for helping you organize your files, be they documents notes or photos, into hierarchical trees.

User interface

The tool integrates a clean and intuitive layout for storing information. It implements a dual-window panel where you can check out the structure of your tree and a word processor.

Plus, the program offers support for drag-and-drop in order to rearrange the tree by dragging nodes to another location.

Importing/exporting options and backup/restore features

Maple Professional gives you the possibility to import/export documents to/from RTF, TXT, DOC, WRI or HTM file format and add data from OPML. The tool also lets you back up your information, so in case you lose important data you can easily restore it.

Rich-featured text editor

You can perform basic editing operations, such as cut, copy, paste or delete, undo or redo your actions, adjust the text in terms of color, font, font style and size, and change the text alignment.

What’s more, you can save pictures, resize and rotate them to different angles, find and replace words, alter the document layout (normal, page, dual page, thumbnails), insert header and footer, as well as activate the full screen mode.

The tool lets you insert tables and different shapes, such as circles, ellipses, rectangles and squares, images, page breaks, date and time stamps, as well as hyperlinks. Additionally, you may convert OEM to ANSI or vice versa, and work with Unicode documents that may contain a mix of different languages (e.g. English, German, Chinese).

Node management operations

The information can be organized with the aid of a tree structure starting with a root node and adding multiple siblings. You can password-protect a node and add a representative icon for each node.

Other tools to play with

Maple Professional comes with support for additional tools that help you work with a spell checker, calculator, character map, templates, advanced finding options, as well as encryption and conversion wizards.

Bottom line

All in all, Maple Professional mixes up a user-friendly interface with a handy suite of features for helping you manage your information in a convenient way. If you think the professional edition may be too much for you, you can check out the simple version of the program (called Maple). However, you should take into consideration that it doesn’t offer support for custom icons, encryption, exporting options to HTML, file search, backup and restore, integration with Microsoft Word, content folder importing options and other power features.

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