Create GIF animations, export individual frames, add hidden signatures and generate HTML code, with this intuitive piece of software.

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MakeGIF Description

If you are looking for an easy method of creating personalized GIF animations from images of various formats, as well as extract individual frames from existing files, you should try MakeGIF.

It is an intuitive program that offers numerous useful functions, but features a simplistic and slightly outdated interface.

Supports multiple image formats

MakeGIF allows you to load BMP, JPG, ICO, PSD, PNG, TGA, WMF, EMF and PXC images to create animations, but can also use existing GIF files or extract individual frames from them.

After you have loaded a list of images, you can duplicate, rotate, flip or stretch them in any way, as well as define their offset and transparency.

Individual GIF frames can be extracted and saved to BMP, PNG, JPG, SWF, PNG or TGA.

Add signatures to created animations

MakeGIF enables you to add personalized hidden signatures to output GIF files, to prevent their unauthorized use on various websites or other media.

The application can add a signature to any newly created file, but you can also load existing animations to modify them or check for the presence of your signature.

Easily add your animation to a web page

MakeGIF can automatically generate HTML code for your GIF file, allowing you to easily insert it in your website.

You can specify the image’s alignment on the page, the amount of space around it, border width, as well as an alternate text that replaces the image if it cannot be displayed.

You can also insert a custom URL that the image should link to if it is clicked. The new web page can be opened in the existing browser window or in a new one.

Once the HTML code has been generated, you can simply copy it to the clipboard and insert it into your website’s source code.

Overall, MakeGIF is a useful tool, designed to help you create personalized GIF animations, extract frames from existing files, add hidden signatures and generate HTML code.

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