This user-friendly and efficient application enables you to perform industrial management operations with the least amount of effort.

  • MaintenWORKS
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MaintenWORKS Description

MaintenWORKS is an intuitive and easy to use software solution whose main purpose is to offer you a reliable means of performing preventive maintenance operations, allowing you to schedule them according to the usage of your equipment.

After the brief installation process, keep in mind that you will need to request an activation number via email, in order to be able to open the utility. However, it does not take too long before you obtain your key, and immediately after that, you can start working with MaintenWORKS.

The application features a basic and unimpressive interface, but it is fairly straight-forward and simple to understand, requiring minimal amounts of effort to figure out how to benefit from it to the fullest.

The first step in using MaintenWORKS is creating one or more ‘Plants’, after which you can begin adding ‘Divisions’ and ‘Assets’. Depending on the type of business or company that the program is used for, these categories and subcategories will be assigned the proper names, for better identification, particularly if multiple entries are added.

The most lengthy process is populating the database of the utility, before being able to work with it to the best of its abilities. As such, you will need to manually input all the ‘Suppliers’, ‘Spare Parts’, ‘Workers’ and ‘Preventives’, along with each ones corresponding details.

After having entered all the required data, you can start scheduling ‘Maintenance’ operations for your assets, based on their working time, enabling you to take proactive measures against any malfunctions by tending to your assets before they are in danger of facing any running problems.

Keeping in mind that the application is still under development, which evidently leaves room for future improvements, one can say that MaintenWORKS proves quite easy to handle, making for a useful tool in what concerns the management of industrial maintenance operations.

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