MailStore Server

Advanced email archive program that supports various email clients, servers and files (e.g. Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail, Windows Mail, EML and MSG files), archive profiles, user management, compliance features, indexed searches, and exporting options.

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MailStore Server Description

MailStore Server is a professional client/server application developed to help you create a copy all emails in a central archive. It includes support for exporting options and fast searches.

Intuitive layout

The program excels in the visual department. It provides a well-crafted GUI that is divided into two main smart panels: one is used for accessing the archive tools, while the other comprises the necessary features for bringing each task to an end.

The Start Page is the place where you activate several functions (archive, search and export email) and administrative tools. Additionally, it integrates a Dashboard that offers detailed information about the server (e.g. name, OS, processor/memory, version), archive (e.g. total size and disk size, number of archive stores), compliance (e.g. enabled or disabled retention policies, auditing and email preview by admin) and currently logged on users.

Archive profiles

The program makes use of archive profiles that embed data from a specific mail server, specified mailboxes or a custom folder within a mailbox, and additionally settings such as deletion rules.

You can manually run an archive or schedule it, modify or delete it, as well as associate specific users with corresponding archives. Users can archive individual mailboxes, local email client profiles and email items, while administrators are given the power to grant user permissions and centralize an archive mail for several or all users.

Create a new profile

MailStore Server allows you to define a new profile by selecting between one of the supported servers (Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail, IceWarp Server, Kerio Connect or other IMAP/POP3 server), clients (Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey) and files (EML, MSG, PST and MBOX file format).

For each of the aforementioned supported servers, clients and files, the tool employs wizards for helping you set up authentication parameters and additional settings.

Searches, exporting options and recent results

A smart search option is implemented for looking throughout an admin’s archive, while the exporting feature is useful when you want to save emails directly into server mailboxes or to the file system as individual items (EML or MSG file format).

The utility records information about the previous archives and export results in a dedicated panel, and lets you filter the information by date and keep logs for a custom number of days, weeks, months or years.

Administration tool: user management

MailStore Server can be managed by an administrator on a target computer running MailStore Client with the aid of several smart tools.

You may add users manually or sync user accounts with Active Directory, Application Integration Server, IceWarp Server, Kerio Connect, generic LDAP Server, or MDaemon USERLIST.DAT. Users can be renamed, edited or deleted.

Several privileges can be assigned to users, namely log on to MailStore server, change password, archive, export and delete email, and provide folder access (full access, read, write or delete).

Compliance features

Compliance options are developed in order to help you block email previews for administrators (they are still able to check out the folder structures, header field sender, recipient, subject and date but they cannot read the email content and view file attachments), delete emails after a custom time period, prevent the deletion of important emails, and grant read-access to an auditor for the entire archive.

Furthermore, you can make the app write the selected events into the Windows event log, so as to be able to track the activities of both administrators and users.

Storage locations and other handy functions

You may opt for creating a standard archive store where files are saved entirely in a directory of the file system or advanced one that keeps items in SQL database. Plus, you may clean up the data structures by compacting the information, verify data integrity, and recalculate all statistics (number of archives per archive store).

For fast search results, the app indexes data during archiving, and you may also back up/restore archives, configure SMPT settings, execute instructions using MailStore’s management shell, and monitor active sessions (users that are currently logged into MailStore Server).

A powerful, fast, intuitive and efficient email archive tool

To make a long story short, MailStore Server proves to be one of the best software applications specialized in email archiving on the market. It comes with all the necessary tools that you need for managing the email archive process and sports a user-friendly environment. The diversity of features that it bundles makes it ideal for both small and large companies.

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