A straightforward and easy-to-use software application that can help you magnify any part of your screen as well as identify any color on your desktop.

  • Magnifixer
  • Version:6.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Blacksun Software

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Magnifixer Description

Magnifixer is an efficient program that zooms in on anything you hover the mouse over. This type of tool is frequently used by people with sight problems.

This software utility’s interface does not actually get in the way. It opens in the system tray and the only way to access options is by right clicking on the small icon. The context menu brings up a number of choices, such as making the main window stay on top of all other applications, showing or hiding the cursor, smoothening the display, and inverting image colors.

The program supports zooming up to 40x and you can even set up the update frequency from once to 30 times per second. The color display mode can be switched from RGB values to HTML code.

You can force Magnifixer to follow your mouse cursor, or you can set up a certain location on the screen to magnify. The application enables you to control the size of the window as well as copy images to the Clipboard.

The Help contents are quite extensive, seeing that there are offline files and tips at startup. In order to enhance usability, some commands present in the utility have keyboard shortcuts, such as “Ctrl+G” to show or hide the program and “Ctrl+F” to fix location. A small drawback here is the fact that these shortcuts cannot be customized.

All in all, Magnifixer is an efficient piece of software that enables people to easily magnify a specific part of the screen, in order to see objects better. The application proves to be useful to individuals that are visually impaired, as well as to web designers or software developers. During our tests no bugs or crashers were registered.

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