MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab

An application that provides users with the possibility to edit the audio tracks attached to their videos in order deliver a great sound experience.

  • MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab
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  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :MAGIX AG

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MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab Description

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab is a piece of software that can help users improve their personal videos by manipulating and cleaning the audio tracks attached to them.

Easy-to-use interface

The application comes with an intuitive interface, allowing users to easily browse for the videos they want to modify. Cleaning effects can be applied with a minimum of effort, which makes the tool a good option for all kinds of users, regardless of their computer knowledge levels.

The program’s main window is divided into two horizontal panels, offering a graphical view of the audio tracks attacked to a video in the upper one, and allowing users to access its various functions via the bottom one.

Access a great deal of effects

With the help of this utility, users can apply over one hundred audio effects to their videos, thus ensuring that they can deliver the sound quality they desire. All of these are available from the “Cleaning” tab in the bottom pane.

Users are provided with the option to apply specific settings to each of the audio effects they want to go for, which offers increased flexibility. Moreover, MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab can display details on the selected filter/effect.

Apply filters to audio objects

In addition to allowing users to apply specific audio filters to entire projects, the application offers them the possibility to modify only specific objects, to modify the volume curve of the video, and the number of audio tracks.

Additional filters and effects are available in the “Mastering” tab in the lower panel, thus allowing users to apply more customizations to their videos. Once a clip has been processed, users can export both the video and the audio to various file formats.

Fast, reliable operations

All in all, MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab is an intuitive yet powerful tool for modifying the audio tracks attached to a video, suitable for all kinds of users. The application can perform fast, without putting a load on computer’s resources, and offers a wide range of filters and effects.

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