Magic Particles 3D

An advanced and reliable FX editor which enables you to create numerous 3D effects, such as explosions, fireworks, wind, rain and other particles.

  • Magic Particles 3D
  • Version :3.44
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Astralax

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Magic Particles 3D Description

Magic Particles 3D is a comprehensive piece of software developed as an FX editor, providing you with the ability to create professional-looking special effects, such as fireworks, explosions or other particle-based effects.

The program is rather complex, so you will need to have at least some basic knowledge of how to generate and customize visual effects, as it features numerous principles which can be individually adjusted to create unique results.

Magic Particles 3D offers numerous sample files, allowing you to first analyze the effects and their individual characteristics, by slightly modifying the parameters to observe the way in which these affect the final outcome. You can change the ‘Duration’ in seconds, the ‘Speed Factor’, ‘Creation Rate of New Particles’ or ‘Randomness’ factor, as well as the colors.

The application features several types of particle ‘Emitters’, enabling you to choose the preferred shape (‘Ellipse’, ‘Circle’, ‘Rectangle’, ‘Square’, etc) or activate the ‘Inward’ / ‘Outward’ feature. From the ‘Direction of Emission’ section, you can customize the angle or coordinates of the generated effects. Other adjustable options include the ‘Tint Influence’, ‘Zoom’, ‘Size’, ‘Velocity’, ‘Spin’ or ‘Visibility’. These are presented in graphs which render the actions they perform and allow for easier modification.

Magic Particles 3D enables you to use a background image onto which you can apply the special effects and it can be a picture, a video or a 3D model. This way you can enhance the appearance of personal photos or create your own screensavers for instance. You can introduce smoke, fog or explosions in your videos with a realistic-look in just a few moves of your mouse.

To conclude, Magic Particles 3D is a professional utility meant to offer you the proper tools to create and apply 3D special effects onto various surfaces, such as movies or images, featuring advanced functions and options for generating impressive results with minimal effort.

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