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Create a safe computer environment for your children by relying on this application that comes with a user-friendly interface and multiple useful functions.

  • Magic Desktop
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Magic Desktop Description

When raising children, protecting them from various online dangers can be a difficult task since many tools provide you with incomplete solutions.

However, Magic Desktop is a total shell replacement that allows you to create a safe computer environment for your children so that they can benefit from using a computer without any harm.

Easy to install application that provides you with a complete parental control solution

This application can be installed on your computer without any efforts since it does not require any additional configuration. It comes with an extensive interface, that is both user-friendly and visually appealing, thus providing you with an efficient solution without sacrificing eye candy.

It comes with detailed help documentation that you can browse in case you encounter any difficulties while operating it.

Prevents children from accessing certain information on your computer

When using Magic Desktop, you can prevent children from accessing certain locations on your computer or content that is unsuitable for their age. This can be achieved by setting a master password and locking the application after finishing adjusting the desired parameters.

Instead of browsing unwanted content, this application allows them to access various educational programs, play games or watch online videos that do not feature inappropriate material. Additionally, you can stimulate children to do their chores in exchange for magic coins that they can use to play games within this program.

Email box and Internet browser packed with safety filters

You can also create an email account for your children that they can use to keep in touch with you, or with their friends. Furthermore, it is possible to assign a Santa Claus role to any of the contacts, so that if your children write a letter to Santa, the defined contact receives it instead.

To sum it up, Magic Desktop is a complete parental control solution that you can use to prevent your children from accessing unwanted material and provide them with educational content at the same time. It comes with a visually appealing interface and a huge variety of useful, intuitive functions.

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