Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Free Edition

Manage the space on your disks and partitions more effectively and maintain your volumes’ optimal performance using this user-friendly tool.

  • Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Free Edition
  • Version:4.3.5
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Macrorit

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Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Free Edition Description

Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Free is a lightweight, portable utility that packs several powerful tools for managing your hard disks along with their volumes more efficiently from the same location.

Quick setup and easy to navigate interface

The application does not require installation or configuration, as all you need to do is specify the location on your computer where you would like to decompress the archive. The program includes a user-friendly GUI that enables you to quickly access and perform the desired operation.

While the app displays some basic information about the free and reserved space on your drives, if you would like to know more details, such as file system, sector size, the total number of sectors, cluster size or the volume’s GUID, then you can access the View Properties tab.

Enables you to create new partitions and maintain volumes

The idea behind the utility is to provide you with a simple means of managing and monitoring your hard disks and partitions. Therefore, you can set labels, defragment, copy, move, delete, wipe, format, perform surface tests and view the properties are a few of the operations you can perform.

It is worth mentioning that the utility is designed for the home user mostly and hence, it lacks some of the functions that you can find in Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Professional Edition. To be more precise, you cannot explore the contents of the hard disk, an option that can come in handy if you decide to format, wipe or delete it.

In addition, the Free edition does not allow you to set active partitions, a feature that is helpful for users who have multiple operating systems installed on different partitions. Then again, considering that enabling this feature on the wrong partition can lead to serious issues, such as your computer not rebooting, for instance, perhaps its lack is justified to a certain extent.

A handy hard disk management utility

In case you are using multiple hard disks and organize your data more proficiently using dedicated partitions and you would like to manage the space and data on them without too much hassle, then perhaps Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Free could be a tool to try out.

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