Macro ToolWorks Standard Edition

Create macros by inserting steps, defining triggers and hotkeys, with this macro editor that features command line editing and mouse activity recording.

  • Macro ToolWorks Standard Edition
  • Version :8.3.5
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Pitrinec Software

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Macro ToolWorks Standard Edition Description

Work optimization has always been a disputed subject, because you need to create shortcuts in order to finish your projects faster. When it comes to text processing, predefined macros and keyboard shortcuts are a must. A reliable software solution that can help you in this matter is Macro ToolsWorks Standard Edition. The application allows you to create text macros that can ease your work when editing documents.

Powerful text shortcut creator with user-friendly interface

The program allows you to create custom hot-key text macros that you can use to quickly complete forms and other documents. The created macros can be used anytime and can be combined with elements from your clipboard.

Furthermore, the complexity of each macro can range from a single word to an entire text block. For example, you can define a macro that automatically fills in your contact data, instead of pasting it from another document or manually writing it.

Fast macro scheduler that offers text recording options

Macro ToolsWorks Standard Edition gives you the possibility to schedule certain text macros, so that they will trigger at specific times.

Additionally, you can record macros, so that they appear to be handwritten when triggered. This feature comes in handy when you are away from your computer, but you need to complete certain texts. All you have to do is to schedule a certain macro, and when the time comes, it will automatically be completed in its text window.

A seamlessly reliable text macro generator and hot-key creator

Macro ToolsWorks Standard Edition extends the basic functions offered by Windows, such as copy or paste, by allowing you to define complex macros that can auto-complete text forms on the spot. You just need to select the text that will be pasted, then create a custom keyboard shortcut what will trigger that macro.

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