Macro ToolWorks Professional Edition

Create powerful macros and run them using key shortcuts from keyboard, mouse, toolbar or scheduler with this useful and reliable piece of software.

  • Macro ToolWorks Professional Edition
  • Version :8.3.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Pitrinec Software

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Macro ToolWorks Professional Edition Description

In case you are looking for a solution to speed up the standard tasks you are commonly performing while at the computer, then perhaps you should consider creating and using macros.

Macro ToolWorks Professional Edition is an application designed to help you create macros using a plethora of instructions and hence, considerably shorten the time you need to finish your work.

Provides you with all necessary tools to create complex macros

The strong point of the program stems from the fact that you can establish a macro for any set of tasks you want to automate on your system. You can create a macro by specifying the steps it should follow, the order of processes to be executed, the triggers and the scope.

In addition, you can use the series of commands as a template, add it to System Tray for more convenience or lock the keyboard and mouse when the process is active from the Macro Properties window.

On the downside, the tool comes with numerous macros and determines you to specify various parameters so that everything runs down smoothly. Consequentially, it can be inaccessible for beginners. Then again, the utility comes with a comprehensive help section that can lend you a hand if you are keen on learning the ropes.

Enables you to organize all macros in groups

It is worth mentioning that the application allows you to organize your macros in a convenient way that would suit your working style and preferences. In fact, you can just delete the default categories that app comes with and redesign the groups as you see fit.

You can create hierarchical structures of macros, so when you disable the parent group, it also deactivates everything else included in the directory. This feature can be useful in situations when you do not associate the command with a specific active window for example.

An advanced tool that can save you time and energy

If you want to skip habitual tasks, then Macro ToolWorks Professional Edition can help you create commands to automate series of processes.

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