Macrium Reflect Workstation Edition

A backup and recovery solution that enables you to perform both full and incremental backups, also featuring options for creating bootable rescue disks.

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Macrium Reflect Workstation Edition Description

Macrium Reflect Workstation Edition is an advanced and efficient application that can assist you in creating compressed backup files of your most important data, with very little effort on your part.

Accessible and neatly-structured GUI

The tool seems to place high importance on its user-friendliness, being quite accessible and easy to work with from the first try and thus sparing you from having to waste too much time in attempting to figure out how it works.

The clear-cut and very well organized interface of Macrium Reflect Professional Edition enables you, in just a few quick steps, to determine what type of backup operation you wish to perform, configure and run it, on the fly.

Backup your system or only a partition at regular intervals to reduce data loss risks

Macrium Reflect Workstation Edition lets you create an image of the system partition where your OS is installed, so you can easily restore Windows in case of emergency, keeping all your favorite settings and adjustments. Also, you can clone one or more disks on your machine and quickly resort to using them if you run into difficulty due a complete or partial system failure.

This reliable utility allows you to generate an accurate image of any partition on your PC or even the entire hard disk. This way, you can restore all their contents when in need and go about your work, almost uninterrupted.

Macrium Reflect Workstation Edition enables you to schedule your backup operations at user-defined intervals, be it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You have the option of selecting the preferred date and time for the backup to be performed.

Additionally, you are able to choose the type of operation you wish to perform: ‘Full’ (all the files, folders and partitions), ‘Differential’ (just the modifications that occurred since the last ‘Full’ backup) or ‘Incremental'(only the changes made to the contents of the files or folders since the last similar operation was performed).

A helpful backup solution for your needs

To conclude, Macrium Reflect Workstation Edition is a useful software utility that can successfully help you to quickly bounce back after experiencing a system crash, by allowing you to restore the previously created backup files and continue your work as normal.

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