A handy and powerful application that allows you to compute and solve certain advanced mathematical algorithms or plot graphs for functions.

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MACE Description

When it comes to complex equations and mathematical algorithms, you need a powerful software solution that can cope with various study fields, such as Analysis, Arithmetic, Complex Functions, Linear Algebra and Statistics.

Fortunately, one such application is MACE. The program allows you to compute certain advanced mathematical algorithms and equations.

Dependable math analysis tool with user-friendly interface

The application displays several features similar to a handheld calculator and it can help you compute certain complex mathematical operations. Furthermore, you can create and run scripts for advanced algorithms.

Aside from this, you can automatically create template functions for any formulas used in Analysis, Arithmetics, Complex Functions, Linear Algebra or Statistics. This useful feature allows you to automatically insert a value to a function and not worry on how would the actual formula be build.

Advanced math calculator that can plot graphs

With the help of MACE, you can perform advanced calculations, regardless if they are logical, mathematical or statistical operators. The program has all the functions and operators separated under their respective category, so that you know where to look whenever you are searching for a specific function.

Furthermore, the program can create graphs for all your functions, providing plots for both normal and complex functions. This gives you the possibility to analyze the graphical display of a function, or check if multiple functions intersect for certain values.

A powerful math calculator and plot generator

MACE provides you with a wide range of functions that can help you calculate various math algorithms and solve even the most complicated problems, in just a couple of seconds.

As a base evaluation, the program allows you to script a wide variety of mathematical problems from any field of interest, such as Analysis, Arithmetics, Complex Functions, Linear Algebra or Statistics.

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