A powerful and complex image rendering environment that allows users to seamlessly tweak and edit detailed and intricate photographs.

  • LuxRender
  • Version :1.6.0 Build 16132
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :LuxRender Team

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LuxRender Description

In order to create a professional photo, especially one taken without using a specialized and advanced camera, you need to correct and tweak the image to achieve the best results.

Fortunately, there are advanced software solutions, such as LuxRender, that allow you to edit certain images and tweak them, by adjusting lighting and other color tones.

Reliable image editing tool with simple to use interface

Using state of the art algorithms that simulate the flow of light, the application can help you correct the color tones of certain images, in order to optimize the output result. You can change and adjust the lighting in various photos, regardless of its source.

For instance, you can increase the natural lighting of an image, or the artificial one, depending on your preferences and image setting. In addition, the application displays a detailed log with all the actions taken in order to load and edit images.

Powerful image rendering engine that supports multithreading

LuxRender gives you the possibility to render an output image using models and scenes. While the image is being rendered, you can easily edit it on the spot.

Thanks to the multithreading capabilities of this application, you can seamlessly create more and more complex images from base models, by simply increasing or decreasing the number of threads used.

A dependable and intuitive image editing and rendering environment

LuxRender gives you the possibility to easily correct your photos, by adjusting color tones and lighting. Additionally, you can render complex photos using base models and scenes, then edit them on the fly, as the application supports multithreading.

Using the application, you can remove several image errors caused by poor lighting or excessive exposure to natural sources, giving your output photo a professional touch.

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