Lumin Disk Image

Create images of your hard disks, clone entire drives and view their health status by using this lightweight, reliable application.

  • Lumin Disk Image
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Lumin Disk Image Description

Working with a lot of documents on your computer requires you to perform regular backups, to prevent file loss caused by various events.

Fortunately, you can turn to third-party applications such as Lumin Disk Image that can help you save critical data by creating image files from your hard disks or clone entire drives.

User-friendly design

This program comes with a simple, user-friendly interface that can be understood and operated by a wide variety of computer users. Although its functions are highly accessible to many users, it is recommended that you have medium to advanced PC skills, since some of its functions can damage the integrity of your files or devices if misused.

Although its features are straightforward, this program packs a detailed help manual, which can be easily accessed by clicking the question mark icon in the main window.

Create disk images, clone drives

You can turn to Lumin Disk Image if you want to store your data in an efficient manner by simply creating an image file that consists of all the documents available on the specified disk. Doing so can be easily accomplished by clicking the Imaging button from the main window, selecting a source drive and specifying a destination path on your computer.

Additionally, it is possible to clone entire drives. You can do so by clicking the Cloning button on the main screen, choosing a source drive and a destination one, as well as adjusting a few parameters such as toggling entire area cloning or reverse cloning, specifying the source and destination start points and choosing the retry attempts.

More so, clicking the Health button lets you view additional information about your drives, such as the manufacturer’s name, the model, serial number, size and temperature.

Handy tool that lets you create disk images and clone drives

To wrap it up, Lumin Disk Image is a reliable application that enables you to create disk images or clone entire drives in a quick, convenient manner. It comes with a user-friendly interface that packs intuitive functions, but caution is advised when operating its controls, as misusing them can damage your files or hard drive.

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