Easily apply corrections to your photos and process all the files in a selected folder quickly, with this intuitive software solution.

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LUCiD Description

It is often necessary to adjust various image parameters after taking a large amount of photos. However, this can be a daunting task, especially if you lack specialized image editing knowledge.

Perfectly Clear Desktop is an intuitive application, designed to help you correct any imperfections that might be present in your photos and can process any number of files at once.

Preview corrections by navigating to a specific folder

The application offers multiple profiles, created to enhance certain types of photos or fix common issues. For example, they can be used to bring out details, brighten dark areas, remove color noise or improve the quality of landscapes.

Once you have selected a profile, you can navigate to the folder your images are stored in to have the application display a preview of the applied corrections. Both the original and the altered versions are displayed, allowing you to assess the differences between them.

Create custom profiles

Perfectly Clear Desktop also enables you to customize the correction presets and create your own. You can alter various settings, such as exposure, depth, color vibrancy and fidelity, as well as sharpness.

It is also possible to correct various imperfections that may be present in portrait photographs. You can change skin tone, remove the red-eye effect, enlarge eyes or whiten teeth.

Batch process files

You can apply corrections to all the files in a specific folder, without even having to preview them. All you need to to is select the input directory, choose a preset and start the operation.

Corrected images can be saved to a specified folder, as JPG or TIF files. You can establish a custom file naming scheme, to avoid overwriting the source images.

The application also allows you to resize photos, while maintaining the same aspect ratio.

All in all, Perfectly Clear Desktop is a useful tool for those who need a quick and simple way to apply various corrections to large amounts of image files.

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