LopeEdit Pro

A simple to use text editor especially created for programmers who have to deal with large quantities of information of various types.

  • LopeEdit Pro
  • Version :5.7.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :LopeSoft

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LopeEdit Pro Description

LopeEdit Pro is a reliable text editor that is optimized for writing, modifying or verifying programming languages and features a large variety of editing tools. The application includes syntax highlighting features and offers support for several programming languages. You can easily work with C++, Java, Perl or PHP.

Straightforward interface

LopeEdit Pro allows you to quickly access any location on your computer on in the local network and open the files you wish to work with. The program supports a large variety of file types, including plain text, HTML, HTM, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic (*.vb, *.vbs, *.frm, *.bas, *.cls), SQL and XML files.

The program allows you to open even files from the specified URL or FTP server, as well as quickly convert the code to a different programming language. Similarly, you can save the files to your computer or directly to the FTP location from where you accessed them.

Large collection of editing functions

Aside from the basic text editing tools, cut, copy, paste, LopeEdit Pro allows you to apply encoding algorithms to the text. You can easily convert the text to ANSI/ASCII, Unicode, Unicode Big Endian, UTF-8 or UTF-8 without BOM.

You can add new line formats: DOS/Windows, Unix or Mac, as well as insert files, time/date, HTML color or adjust lines. The program supports saving bookmarks, as well as easily navigate through them. You can customize the layout of the main window, by adding the preferred side panes, as well as add the most often visited locations to a favorites collection.

Reliable HEX editor

LopeEdit Pro features a built-in hexadecimal editor that allows you to edit values in both HEX and ASCII modes; you can also insert/delete text blocks, as well as perform multiple Undo tasks. The program allows you to print the files, as well as send them via email or as an attachment to a message.

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