Check your hardware configuration and repair the WMI repository if it is required using this simple and straightforward software solution.

  • Look_my_hardware
  • Version: 2_26.04.17.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:[email protected]@n

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Look_my_hardware Description

If you are unable to use wbemtest or get any other related errors whenever you attempt to access it, then it is likely that you are dealing with a Windows Management Instrumentation repository corruption.

Look_my_hardware is a lightweight piece of software designed to help you reset the repository and regain your operating system’s full functionality.

Does not come with an interface per se

The application does not require setup or configuration and hence, you can use it as soon as you download it on your computer. It is worth mentioning that the tool does not have a UI, but rather various pop windows that you can notice while the app is scanning your system along with the WMI repository.

Functionality-wise, the program is as simple as it looks and running it is as easy as accessing the executable file. Once you run it, you are provided with two options, namely to scan the system or to reboot and fix the WMI problems detected.

Provides you with a comprehensive report

Once the scan is complete, the application creates a log that features valuable information about the hardware detected on your system. Therefore, you can explore the TXT file and learn more about the processor, video card, audio card, HDD, so on and so forth.

Generally speaking, attempting to delete and then rebuild the repository is not recommended, as the action can cause irreparable damage to the system or other installed applications. The only exception to the situation is when you have an extremely large repository, as it can be interpreted as corrupt.

The application provides you with a more efficient alternative to the trial and error approach that may cause more issues or force you to reinstall your operating system from scratch. To put it simply, the idea behind the app is to check and reset the WMI automatically during a simple system reboot.

A useful tool for resetting the WMI repository

In the eventuality that you suspect a Windows Management Instrumentation corruption or perhaps the repository is too large for the OS to handle, then maybe Look_my_hardware could help you reset the configuration.

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