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Powerful program that integrates a built-in IDE for helping you create and customize database and web applications, as well as AutoRun CD/DVD menus.

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Longtion Application Builder Description

Longtion Application Builder is a professional software utility designed specifically for helping you create database applications without having to possess code writing skills.

Its purpose is to provide a built-in IDE where you can bring to life software products that require no programming language.

Intuitive layout

Longtion Application Builder reveals a clean feature lineup and puts at your disposal several demo projects that you can choose from. The examples comprised in the program are meant to help you better understand how you can define a project. Editing options can also be used with the templates.

The integrated development environment (IDE) includes a form designer, object palette (it contains all components that can be placed in your project), object Explorer-like panel (it includes all forms comprised in the application), and object inspector (this one is used for altering each object in detail).

Defining a new project

You can generate a new project by picking the type of application that you want to create, namely desktop utility (desktop tool with database, scripts and actions or program with database and actions), web applications with or without scripts, as well as AutoRun CD menus with scripts.

Each project can be saved to a file and imported for later editing operations. Depending on type of application that you want to create, the tool gives you the possibility to integrate multiple forms and personalize each form with different objects, such as panels, group boxes, scroll boxes, splitters, ‘OK’ buttons, image buttons, labels, photos, custom text messages, shapes, balloons, notes, check boxes, radio buttons, memos, and many others.

A multitude of dedicated parameters are implemented for altering each object embedded in the working environment, such as font, font color, alignment, locked position, cursor, hint, popup menu, and click mouse actions. The drag-and-drop support can be used for moving objects from one position to another.

AutoRun CD menu project options

When it comes to creating an AutoRun CD menu project, things are a little bit different. You need to provide the folder with all the files that are burned to CD or DVD, enter the executable filename, choose the icon (ICO file format), and enter the CD text label. Additionally, you can opt for displaying a splash screen and enabling the full screen background mode.

Building/running options and database connections

The building process can be carried on with just one click. Tests have shown that this process is carried out pretty quickly. Plus, you can also take advantage of the running mode and check out how the generated application acts on your system.

Database connections help users connect to database servers and use ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) to access database information through OLEDB. There are several ADO drives available, such local (Paradox, dBASE, FoxPro, and Access) and remote database servers (Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Microsoft SQL server, and DB2).

An overall efficient app builder

All in all, Longtion Application Builder mixes up a user-friendly interface with several powerful features in order to help you create and customize database and web applications, as well as AutoRun CD/DVD menus.

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