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Seamlessly record your PvP battles experiences, create walkthroughs or tutorials on character builds and specs using this game capture app.

  • LoiLo Game Recorder
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LoiLo Game Recorder Description

If you are looking for a solution to record footage of you in action in your favorite games, then you should know that the source material is an important factor to account for. Irrespective of the resolution you are recording at, having a computer capable of running games at the highest possible settings is the first step in making impressive videos.

LoiLo Game Recorder is an application designed to help you record footage of you doing raids, killing enemies in PvP zones or exploring the content, all that while maintaining the balance between quality and file size.

You can record the best moments in your favorite games

The setup can take a bit more than usual, depending on the resources of your computer. In addition, the interface is not much to look at, as it consists of a small window designed with a dark theme. The GUI features only a few options and it can display the videos you recorded recently.

The application is as simple as it gets and recording should not pose a problem, regardless of the fact that this is the first time you are using this type of program. Simply put, you can record various actions by specifying the game and pressing the F6 key.

You can upload on YouTube directly, but cannot stream

You should know that the utility enables you to upload the videos directly to YouTube, providing that you already have an account there. For convenience purposes, you can set the app to remember your credential, so that you do not need to enter your credentials anytime you want to upload a clip.

The utility enables you to record your voice along with the video, an option that can be useful if you are planning to make guides, walkthroughs or tutorials on how to make builds, finish a mission or explain the mechanics of an NPC. On the other hand, the app does not support live stream, a feature that can be useful for anyone playing MMORPGs.

A simple recording tool for gamers

All in all, if you are searching for a simplistic and easy to use tool that allows you to record footage of you in the games you are playing, then LoiLo Game Recorder might be worth a try.

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