You can easily monitor, plus analyze any log generated by your system, applications, websites or the Windows firewall, and centralize the data.

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LogMeister Description

LogMeister is a reliable tool that allows you to gather and process the log data acquired from various programs, RSS feeds or system events. The program supports centralizing the data from several instances at the same time. Moreover, you can even extract log information from remote locations on the network.

Monitor system events and other instances

LogMeister allows you to define several sources that generate log data, which it can easily monitor at the same time. The program can collect even remote data, securely across the network, using the Windows native processes. In other words, you do not need to install third party applications to centralize information from PCs and servers.

The monitored instances can be system events, applications that generate text logs, site watch feed, RSS Internet feed, Windows firewall (ICF) log or XML logs. The collected data is stored in individual SQL files.

Gather log data and analyze it in real time

LogMeister is capable of performing real-time data centralizing, a feature that is particularly useful for security and other event logs. Otherwise, you can set the application to perform scheduled logging, which is suitable for any type of logs, including for collecting historical data.

The program allows you to easily configure the instances to be monitored, with the help of the wizard functions, which guide you through all the steps of the process. The program can prompt screen notifications, pop-up dialogs with or without sound, send the data via email, automatically generate a report or run an application/batch file.

Quickly view event logs or analyze other actions

One of LogMeister’s most convenient features is that it can collect data from many types of instances, located both on the same computer or in network folders. It is a reliable security application, which can also reveal the activity history of a particular system process, program or website.

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