Display and monitor your log files in real-time by relying on this lightweight application that features a wide variety of useful functions.

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LogFusion Description

Monitoring the behavior of your applications through log files might require you to work with multiple files and constantly check them for modifications.

Fortunately, you can rely on specialized software, such as LogFusion, to keep track of the documents mentioned above without needing to perform repetitive actions.

Simple user interface

This program comes with a minimalistic layout with no flashy buttons or high-contrast color schemes, thus helping you maintain your focus on the work area.

You can access a traditional configuration window, as well, where you can adjust certain parameters, according to your preferences.

Note that you might need medium to advanced PC knowledge to benefit from this program’s functions entirely, since it does not feature an integrated help manual.

Useful log monitoring features

LogFusion allows you to keep track of various logs, as it supports a wide variety of formats. It is possible to import a file from your computer or select an item from a list of several log types.

For instance, you can view hardware, application, system or security events by choosing the corresponding entry from the Open Other menu. Additionally, this program remembers your recently accessed files and displays them in a list, allowing you to access them quickly if needed.

Handy export function

You can select multiple rows from the current document and export them to a CSV file on your computer. More so, it is possible to export the entire file’s worth of entries by choosing the corresponding option from the list.

This application allows you to filter content by typing your desired keywords in the designated field. In response, the utility only displays rows that feature the specified tag.

To sum it up, LogFusion is a lightweight, reliable tool that can help you monitor log files in real-time by providing you with multiple useful functions. However, since it does not feature an integrated user guide, you need to meet certain PC knowledge requirements to use it properly.

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