logFACES Enterprise Logging Suite

A practical and reliable software solution that features a centralized log server and rich log viewer both carefully crafted for developers and system integrators.

  • logFACES Enterprise Logging Suite
  • Version:4.3.2
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:MoonLit Software

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logFACES Enterprise Logging Suite Description

logFACES Enterprise Logging Suite is designed as a comprehensive tool that can offer you the means to create and manage a log server.

The application consists of the Server and the Client components, both suitable for a large array of users, including developers, system integrators, software testers or field-support engineers.

The Server component is designed for harnessing large amounts of log data from various sources, such as apps or hosts. The Client can help you process and present the log data in real time or it historical/analytical form.

The utility can help you create a logging interface for your server and thus easily manage the aggregated data.

The program allows you to configure a centralized logging system and control any information transfer.

You can even deploy the logging system for multiple types of applications and dispatch the log data to the desired platform.

For example, if you use a variation of the Syslog utility, logFACES Enterprise Logging Suite can help you easily integrate it into the desired application.

It supports plain TCP and UDP sockets and can retrieve logs from several hosts or programs created in J2EE, C++ or .NET environments. Apache log4j (or other variations) API appenders and Syslog RFC5424/RFC3164 sources are supported.

It can process a multitude of log statements per second, based on the system properties and the amounts of data.

Moreover, it can help you store information, with the help of the built-in database tool, which also facilitates quick logging.

The program is compatible with MongoDB, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Derby and PostgreSQL.

By integrating logFACES Enterprise Logging Suite with external databases, you may use it as a bottleneck and filter for the large volume of information.

The log information emitted by the applications is sent to the logFACES Server by the background thread and queued for processing in the Client.

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • 10-day trial

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